PRALARG is the acronyms for Prison Rehabilitation and Law Abiding Organization, incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission under the companies and Allied Matter Act No 1, 1990 part C. It is a non-governmental, non-religious and non-ethnic organization with a view to enhance respect for the rule of law, promote good practice, investigate and expose perceived human right breach, it is devoted to the rehabilitation of prisons inmates and reduction of crime through the promotion of good moral values using various strategies. The strategies include prisons rehabilitation, civic and moral education as well as public enlightenment about criminal cases in Nigeria. Other strategies are economic empowerment for the less privileged, Nigerian deported from overseas, alternative dispute resolution and human right protection, to mention but a few.        Read more


PRALARG areas of operation and intervention include:

  1. Prison Rehabilitation
  2. Human Right Protection
  3. Civic Education, Care and Empowerment
  4. Alternative Dispute Resolution
  5. Advocacy.


Vision Statement:

Making the world a peaceful place through enlightenment, rehabilitation and empowerment.

Mission Statement:

To reduce crime, discourage the use of hard drugs, alleviate poverty, deter human right abuse, enlighten the populace on the implication of crime, rehabilitate the inmate so as to bring peace to our society.


PRALARG! Step in the right direction.


PRALARG Objectives:

To organize and hold lectures in prisons nationwide on why inmates and the public should not take to crime.

  1. To reform and redirect the convicted from a life of crime to a path of rectitude.
  2. To organize lectures in primary and secondary schools as well as tertiary institutions to discourage them from taking to crime.
  3. To empower the less privileged and enlighten them on self-sustaining program.
  4. To defend the vulnerable and less privileged in the society from human right abuse.
  5. To resolve conflict through alternative dispute resolution and mediation to prevent litigation.
  6. To advocate for better prisons’ welfare, provide succor and encouragement to inmate both home and abroad.
  7. To enlighten and provide health information to inmates and discourage the use of hard drugs.
  8. To advocate for better life for deportees and convicts in foreign countries.


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