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PRALARG INT’L is the acronym for Prisons Rehabilitation and Law Abiding Organization International; the organization is legally registered and licensed in Nigeria (2015) and the USA in (2020) respectively. Pralarg International with a registered Trademark is registered as a public charity organization with 501 (c) (3) certification in the USA, the organization is a member of the World Association of Non-governmental Organization, a member of Global Legal Empowerment Network, and a member of Justice Reform Team of Ogun State Judiciary, an initiative of the Chief Judge of Ogun State for quick dispensation of justice for those incarcerated or on awaiting trial. it is devoted to the rehabilitation of prison inmates and reduction of crime through the promotion of good moral values using various strategies. The strategies include prison inmates’ rehabilitation, civic and moral education as well as public enlightenment on criminal cases. Other strategies are economic empowerment for the less privileged, alternative dispute resolution, and human right protection, to mention but a few.
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Mission Statement:
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Vision Statement:
  • To reduce crime, discourage the use of hard drugs, alleviate poverty, prevent human right abuse, enlighten the populace on the implication of crime, rehabilitate the ex-inmates and their dependents so as to bring peace to our society, to provide counselling and support for crime victims and their families.
Making the world a peaceful place through enlightenment, rehabilitation and empowerment.
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Pralarg International

Like many others, He is a product of society; a society that does not think or care for her next generation. A society that does not believe in the social integration of young ones for a better tomorrow. Like many others, he was not enlightened to understand his responsibility as a good citizen and the implication of his actions, let alone his rights as guaranteed by the constitution. He only understood crime to be robbery, rape and murder. Just like any other member of the society, he has carelessly and ignorantly done many things but in all, he didn’t see it as doing anything against the law because most of his actions were hinged on the need to survive just like any other person which should be done righty. The reality set in when he joined the Nigerian Prisons Service in August 2001. He realized that he was just fortunate. He discovered that a more than eighty per cent (80%) of those in prisons across the country got there through ignorance or were simply victims of circumstances.
Pralarg Objectives
  • Pralarg advocates bringing relative peace to the society by reducing the influx of people to prison through human right protection, the enlightenment of the citizen and empowerment. We have to do this because of the present existence that encourages criminality and back to crime syndrome of the ex-inmate.
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PRALARG Objectives:

PRALARG Objectives: To organize and hold lectures in prisons nationwide on why inmates and the public should not take to crime. To reform and redirect the convicted from a life of crime to a path of rectitude. To organize lectures in primary and secondary schools as well as tertiary institutions to discourage them from taking to crime. To empower the less privileged and enlighten them on the self-sustaining program. To defend the vulnerable and less privileged in the society from human right abuse. To resolve conflict through alternative dispute resolution and mediation to prevent litigation. To advocate for better prisons’ welfare, provide succour and encouragement to inmate both home and abroad. To enlighten and provide health information to inmates and discourage the use of hard drugs. To advocate for the better life for deportees and convicts in foreign countries. To help crime victims to overcome depression for future empowerment. Prison Rehabilitation, Advocacy for Human Right, Civic Education, Health Care for Less Privileges, Empowerment for Youth, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Public Enlightenment, Human Right Campaign, Human Right Protection, Lectures for prisons Inmates Nationwide, Reformation of Convicted, Advocation for better Prison Welfares, Mediation to prevent Litigation, Advocation for Deportees better Life.
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The organization is pioneered by Comrade Pralagian Akinwunmi Olayemi seasoned visionary, who is passionate about what the organization stand for with years of experience in prison matters. The organization also boast of the experienced, credible, talented and equally passionate individual within and outside the country who are professionals in the various field seen as relevant to the actualization of the vision and objectives of the organization with all of them exhibiting common traits of excellence and service to humanity. The organization was established in 2014 and has contributed and still contributing to achieving a crime free society with an enlightened populace.


            PRALARG is committed to providing the best possible opportunity for ex-convicts to make a new start in life upon their release, and thesuccessful reintegration of ex-convicts into the society would depend largely on how ready the public accepts and supports them.

In this connection, the organization has been actively promoting public acceptance of and support for rehabilitated ex-convicts through public enlightenment and education.

Pointedly, we have organized publicity and public education activities to help the public better understand the needs and problems of rehabilitated offenders and to appeal for their support. These activities include special TV and Radio programmes, symposiums on the employment of rehabilitated offenders, exhibitions, TV and Radio announcements in the public interest, the appointment of local celebrities and public figures as Rehabilitation Ambassadors etc.

Furthermore, ex-convicts do not only suffer stigmatization from the members of the public but they face other challenges like homelessness, joblessness, and lack of finance. This is so because many lose their jobs during the period of imprisonment, their wealth and properties to court fines and series of court adjournment.

As a result of these, Pralarg has established some channels which welcome and facilitate public involvement in the rehabilitation of the offenders. These include:

  1. Pralarg Rehabilitation Volunteer Group: This group provides a good opportunity for members of the public to be directly involved in the rehabilitation of ex-convicts.
  2. Employment Assistance: The organization advocates equal employment opportunities for rehabilitated ex-convicts and where appropriate the organization will also facilitate projects initiated by the non-government organization to employ rehabilitated ex-convicts.
  3. Collaboration with NGOs: Presently, many religious bodies and non-government social service agencies are working with us to help ex-convicts reintegrate into the community. These organizations through the employment of volunteers, social workers, peer counsellors, render counselling, employment, accommodation assistance, recreation and religious services for rehabilitated ex-convicts.

These are important because the risk of ex-convicts returning to crime will be drastically reduced.

The organization has several interventions to prevent the influx of people to prison through Alternative Dispute Resolution because conflict cannot be prevented but the best instrument is to use the positive input to prevent litigation. We have also prevented abuse of right by law enforcement agents using their offices to perpetrate several illegal arrest and extortion in Nigeria.


     The present prison condition in Nigeria is not reformatory, rather it aggravates the criminal tendency of the inmates that supposed to be reformed or take a new leave. Our experience has revealed major problems confronting prisons in Nigeria, these include:

    (1.)       Lack of CLASSIFICATION, non-violent inmate after prison experience usually comes out hardened.

    (2.)       Non-affordability of the criminal justice system in Nigeria. Most inmates and their families lose a lot of money during their prosecution. This makes the inmates come out hardened or fall back to crime in order to survive.

    (3.)       Stigmatization: This happens to both ex-convicts and anyone who has passed through prosecution in Nigeria. Whether convicted or discharged and acquitted, people stigmatize anybody that has passed through the prison; this makes it difficult for people to turn a new leave.

    (4.)       Employment: It is very difficult for ex-convicts to secure employment after discharge hence this makes most of the discharged inmates to fall back to crime.

    (5.)       Settlement: Many ex-convicts found it very difficult to find a place of abode after release from the prison and this makes lives miserable for them.

    (6.)       Contamination of Diseases and Infections: Due to the overcrowding in the prison, inmates contact diseases and infections.

    (7.)       Some inmates, because of restriction and harsh conditions in the prison get mentally derailed.


These two worlds have a lot to contribute to global peace, depending largely on the way we handle them. If we fail to help the vulnerable in society, the prison will be flooded with inmates and lose its purpose and credibility. Likewise, if we fail to help or reform the inmates, then we should rest assured that on discharge, these set of people we have refused to reform will make the society a living hell. A greater percentage of those in prisons got there as victims of circumstances a lot awaiting trials. The fact still remains that if we do what we are supposed to do as a society and as individuals, many of them will not be there in the first place. We believe we needed to do something both for those incarcerated and the public in general in addressing some of these challenges including the knowledge and information gaps identified. The things we ignorantly and carelessly do but that is against the law it is said that there is no ignorance in law. Our passion for a change gave birth to PRALARG believe that the best time to act is NOW. ‘So long as any society has a system that lets people out of prison, it is in when they went in’-Erwin James



A paralegal is a community-based person trained with basic knowledge of the law and the legal system. He/she is trained to understand different methods that can be used in dealing with disputes and legal matters to assist vulnerable and disadvantaged people to assert their rights without necessarily engaging the services of a lawyer or resorting to litigation which may be time consuming and expensive. A paralegal has a strong role to play in encouraging respect for human rights and the rule of law and promoting peace and positive change in the community.
For effectiveness a paralegal should reside in the area in which he/she will be working, this will encourage acceptability by the people within the community and assist the paralegal to have a good understanding of the problems of the local people and their environment.


Who can become a Paralegal?

A paralegal may be selected from among respected community-based leaders or groups. The paralegal can either be a full-time or part-time worker. The following persons may be trained as paralegals:
 Community leaders
 Retired teachers
 Retired civil servants
 Members of community-based organizations
 Urban/rural youth leaders
 Social activists
 Retired policemen
 Market women
 Trade union leaders and members
 Religious leaders
 Representatives of groups and associations
 Student volunteers/Law students



Organizational Framework:

There is a Board of Trustees, Advisory Council and a Management Team. These organs form the supervising, coordinating, management and administrative framework of the organization. The board of trustees serves as the supervising and advisory body while the management team is responsible for the day to day smooth running and operations of the Administration, Training and Research, Media and Public Relation, and Finance and Account Departments. The responsibilities of these arms are clearly stated in the organization’s constitution and administrative guidelines. All structures and organs are involved in the decision-making process and work together for the success, development and smooth running of the organization.

1.Chief Executive OfficeFounder of the organization
2.General SupervisorGeneral Supervisor
3.Director, Programs (Headquarters)Programs
4.Director, Administration (Headquarters)Administration
5.Director, Finance and Account (Headquarters)Finance and Account
6.Director, Research and Training (Headquarters)Research and Training
7.Director, Media and Publicity(Headquarters)Media and Publicity
8.6 Zonal Directors of Programs6 Geopolitical Zones
9.36 State Coordinators of Programs36 State Coordinators
10.Zonal CoordinatorsAll Local Government Area

Cost Consciousness and Sound Management of Resources

–           All projects/Programs of the organization are managed properly with the judicious and effective use of resources.

–           Management and Staff are highly concerned about the best use of resources for optimum result.

(b.)      Concern for Environment

–           All projects/Programs of the organization are environmentally friendly.

–           The staff works in a threat-free and congenial environment.

Quality Services

–           All projects, programs, and services rendered by the organization are high in quality.

–           Staff and management are responsible for maintaining the quality of program performance/delivery through our monitoring and evaluation mechanism.

Capability and Accountability

–           The staff possesses adequate knowledge and understanding of their roles and the ability to identify and resolve challenges that may arise from time to time in the course of doing their job.

–           Management and Staff of Pralarg strictly follow their work plan and demonstrate diligence and accountability to the organization.

Creativity and Innovation

–           In all cases, creativity and innovation are encouraged and highly appreciated in the whole project or program cycle of the organization.

–           Creativity and innovative work of staff are rewarded    

(c.)      Discipline

–           All staff, beneficiaries and counterparts respect the organization’s rules and regulation.

–           Staff are committed to the policy, procedures and system of the organization.

–           Any violation of rules and regulations are treated seriously and disciplinary actions are taken accordingly.

(d.)       Staff Protection

  1. Partners, NGOs and Agencies
  3. Organizational Transparency: PRALARG is transparent to donors and partners and provides all types of information required.

           The organization adheres strictly to its financial management and accounting policy.

           The organization is always very much open to beneficiaries especially about the information that affects them and it is ready to provide answers to any questions raised.

           The organization is also transparent to its Counterparts and Partners in terms of operation and transactions.

           The organization maintains close touch with the government or its agencies and provides all necessary information to the authorities when necessary or as required by law.

           No external interest or influence is allowed in the operation of the organization.

          The organization has an adequate check and balance system designed to checkmate wastage, misappropriation or fraud. We are a law-abiding organization and we must maintain what we believe irrespective of the status of our economy.

Written Policy, Procedure and Manual

Irrespective of being a local, national community-based international organization, PRALARG INT’L operates under certain policies and guidelines which dictate processes and procedures for operation in line with international best practices. These documents include:


           Personnel Policy,

           Financial Management and Accounting Policy,

           Program Operational Guide or Work Plan,

           Administrative Guideline and

           Procurement Policy.

These policies and guidelines are documented and available to all staff and officers of the organization including partners