Omotayo Olaoye

I don't even know how to thank PRALARG Int. for the benefits have gotten from the organization, in term of education, talk of morally support from CEO, Coordinators, even from members.

with love from myself and my Family, I say.... thanks to all PRALAGIAN.

Omotayo Olaoye
Appreciation by some members of Anglican Church, Ilaro

They Came To Appreciate

Some elderly people came to PRALARG office to complain of malicious prosecution by a Bishop in conjunction with police and a magistrate in Ogun State.

It was a pathetic story for a Bishop of a church to continue to persecute some of his members just because they don't share the same ideology. It got to a point that he accused elderly people of kidnapping him, the police in Ilaro arrested them and keep them for over a week before charging them to court, the magistrate presiding on the case was biased in the case, he remanded them for some days before granting their bail and was ready to sentence the accused to prison for a crime they did not commit.

It was when the magistrate adjourned for judgement that all the accused realized they were going to be sentenced having seen the way the magistrate was talking. This was why they came to PRALARG Headquarters for help. We quickly wrote a petition against the magistrate and we were asked to defend our petitions.

They requested for all the accused persons to come to Ogun State High Court, for an interview, they were blamed for not complaining earlier before, we were informed that the magistrate we complained about has a pending case of using the position to intimidate and extort people.

We appreciate the Chief Judge, the magistrate was replaced and the matter was started afresh and at the end of the, they were discharged and acquitted.

The people came to PRALARG Headquarters to appreciate what God used us to do for them. We are equally waiting if they are ready to fight the Bishop back on perjury. Step in the right direction.

Appreciation by some members of Anglican Church, Ilaro
Deji Adeyemo

Dear Comrade Akinwunmi,

It is with delight that am writing you this letter, my name is Deji Adeyemo, I lived overseas. I am a regular listener of your program both in the US and whenever am in Nigeria.

The two episodes 'pralarg hour' on weekdays and on 'Taloye' on Saturday with other host are fantastic. This is nothing but a service to humanity. I like to commend the work your group and other media outlet i.e Audio and video do to liberate the minds of Nigerians from ignorance, illiteracy, mental anguish, poverty and disease.

Your efforts in this regard are highly commendable, it is my hope the message will not be limited to Southwest Nigeria alone, but across Nigeria as a whole. Knowing your rights or civil liberties is a fundamental tool to survive in any given society. Failure in this area will expose citizens to countless and endless harassment, victimization, intimidation, subjugation and unnecessary death. Nigeria's problem is not limited only to leadership mismanagement which is very obvious, but citizen's apathy, ignorance, illiteracy and greed are cancers that have eaten deeply into the fabric system of Nigeria. Many people want to get rich or succeed at the expense of other people regardless of its consequences.

Nigerians lack good orientation homes, families and communities are in serious decay. public enlightenment program to correct these vices are either inadequate or non-existent. Average Nigerians are uninformed or totally in darkness. This is where all your efforts are crucial. Nigeria has entered a new era with the emergence of groups like Pralarg, Civil Societies, NGOs, Investigative Journalism both on radio, TV and print media and social media are all playing a crucial role in this efforts. With the capital shifts from western nations towards Asia, advancement in technology and globalisation, Nigeria and its people must be ready to be a player, they must shed the skin of docility and stopped been a spectator.

Comrade, to conclude, it is God that can reward anyone, groups or organization that embarks on laudable efforts of ridding its societies of ignorance, illiteracy, greed, poverty and disease. Your efforts will go down in annal's of Nigeria's history as positive. Posterity will smile at all of you. In any of your adjudications and mediations, please shun biases, prejudices, highhandedness and nepotism. All these can minimise the effects of good work you are trying to do. Instead please embrace transparency, objectivity, accountability and responsibility.

Nigerians are very impatient, meek and gullible, attempts at any change is often times an illusion. So you can see the enormous responsibility you all have in your hands. A mind is a terrible thing to waste, as such, we have to keep hope alive.

Please keep up the good work.


A. Adeyemo.

Deji Adeyemo

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