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  • All you need is to be committed to helping vulnerable people
  • Learn basic fundamental principles and human rights law
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    A paralegal is a community-based person trained with basic knowledge of the law and the legal system. He/she is trained to understand different methods that can be used in dealing with disputes and legal matters to assist vulnerable and disadvantaged people to assert their rights without necessarily engaging the services of a lawyer or resorting to litigation which may be time consuming and expensive. A paralegal has a strong role to play in encouraging respect for human rights and the rule of law and promoting peace and positive change in the community.
    For effectiveness a paralegal should reside in the area in which he/she will be working, this will encourage acceptability by the people within the community and assist the paralegal to have a good understanding of the problems of the local people and their environment.


    Who can become a Paralegal?

    A paralegal may be selected from among respected community-based leaders or groups. The paralegal can either be a full-time or part-time worker. The following persons may be trained as paralegals:
     Community leaders
     Retired teachers
     Retired civil servants
     Members of community-based organizations
     Urban/rural youth leaders
     Social activists
     Retired policemen
     Market women
     Trade union leaders and members
     Religious leaders
     Representatives of groups and associations
     Student volunteers/Law students



    Organizational Framework:

    There is a Board of Trustees, Advisory Council and a Management Team. These organs form the supervising, coordinating, management and administrative framework of the organization. The board of trustees serves as the supervising and advisory body while the management team is responsible for the day to day smooth running and operations of the Administration, Training and Research, Media and Public Relation, and Finance and Account Departments. The responsibilities of these arms are clearly stated in the organization’s constitution and administrative guidelines. All structures and organs are involved in the decision-making process and work together for the success, development and smooth running of the organization.

    1.Chief Executive OfficeFounder of the organization
    2.General SupervisorGeneral Supervisor
    3.Director, Programs (Headquarters)Programs
    4.Director, Administration (Headquarters)Administration
    5.Director, Finance and Account (Headquarters)Finance and Account
    6.Director, Research and Training (Headquarters)Research and Training
    7.Director, Media and Publicity(Headquarters)Media and Publicity
    8.6 Zonal Directors of Programs6 Geopolitical Zones
    9.36 State Coordinators of Programs36 State Coordinators
    10.Zonal CoordinatorsAll Local Government Area


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    STAFF/VOLUNTEER: The organization is blessed with committed staff and officers most of whom are volunteers passionate about development work and community service.

    HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT: Staffs are empowered and exposed to regular and periodic capacity building workshop for improved efficiency sponsored by the organization. Some of these training include technical workshops, crime prevention, paralegal training and capacity building seminars relevant to their fields and areas of operation.

    (a.)       Core Values:

    Values for excellence: No organization succeeds in a system that is not supported by certain values seen as core. In this light, PRALARG takes certain values seriously that are core to the success of its operations and programs. These include:

    Human Dignity and Gender Equity

    –           In the operation of the organization, all women and men are equal. They have equal rights in the organization and participate in the development activities equally.

    –           All staff have equal opportunities for promotion based on their experience and qualification without any gender perspective or bias.

    –           Staff and management ensure gender justice in all aspect of the organization operations.

    Honesty, Integrity, Sincerity and Transparency

    –           Staff behaviour and conduct are rooted in honesty, sincerity and transparency.

    –           The organization will never hide any relevant information from its stakeholders.

    –           All members of the organization are committed to upholding moral integrity in their dealings with internal and external officials.


    Cost Consciousness and Sound Management of Resources

    –           All projects/Programs of the organization are managed properly with the judicious and effective use of resources.

    –           Management and Staff are highly concerned about the best use of resources for optimum result.

    (b.)      Concern for Environment

    –           All projects/Programs of the organization are environmentally friendly.

    –           The staff works in a threat-free and congenial environment.

    Quality Services

    –           All projects, programs, and services rendered by the organization are high in quality.

    –           Staff and management are responsible for maintaining the quality of program performance/delivery through our monitoring and evaluation mechanism.

    Capability and Accountability

    –           The staff possesses adequate knowledge and understanding of their roles and the ability to identify and resolve challenges that may arise from time to time in the course of doing their job.

    –           Management and Staff of Pralarg strictly follow their work plan and demonstrate diligence and accountability to the organization.

    Creativity and Innovation

    –           In all cases, creativity and innovation are encouraged and highly appreciated in the whole project or program cycle of the organization.

    –           Creativity and innovative work of staff are rewarded    

    (c.)      Discipline

    –           All staff, beneficiaries and counterparts respect the organization’s rules and regulation.

    –           Staff are committed to the policy, procedures and system of the organization.

    –           Any violation of rules and regulations are treated seriously and disciplinary actions are taken accordingly.

    (d.)       Staff Protection

    1. Partners, NGOs and Agencies
    2. Organizational Transparency: PRALARG is transparent to donors and partners and provides all types of information required.

               The organization adheres strictly to its financial management and accounting policy.

               The organization is always very much open to beneficiaries especially about the information that affects them and it is ready to provide answers to any questions raised.

               The organization is also transparent to its Counterparts and Partners in terms of operation and transactions.

               The organization maintains close touch with the government or its agencies and provides all necessary information to the authorities when necessary or as required by law.

               No external interest or influence is allowed in the operation of the organization.

               The organization has an adequate check and balance system designed to checkmate wastage, misappropriation or fraud. We are a law-abiding organization and we must maintain what we believe irrespective of the status of our economy.


    Written Policy, Procedure and Manual

    Irrespective of being a local, national community-based international organization, PRALARG INT’L operates under certain policies and guidelines which dictate processes and procedures for operation in line with international best practices. These documents include:


               Personnel Policy,

               Financial Management and Accounting Policy,

               Program Operational Guide or Work Plan,

               Administrative Guideline and

               Procurement Policy.

    These policies and guidelines are documented and available to all staff and officers of the organization including partners