The speech delivered by Pralagian Akinwunmi Olayemi, the Chief Executive Officer of Pralarg Int'l at the event of Vocational Graduation of 82 Inmates of Abeokuta Prison, Ibara Abeokuta, on the 2nd June 2018

The speech delivered by Pralagian Akinwunmi Olayemi, the Chief Executive Officer of Pralarg Int'l at the event of Vocational Graduation of 82 Inmates of Abeokuta Prison, Ibara Abeokuta, on the 2nd June 2018

The speech delivered by Pralagian Akinwunmi Olayemi, the Chief Executive Officer of Pralarg Int’l at the event of Vocational Graduation of 82 Inmates of Abeokuta Prison, Ibara Abeokuta, on the 2nd June 2018

The speech delivered by Pralagian Akinwunmi Olayemi, the Chief Executive Officer of Pralarg Int'l at the event of Vocational Graduation of 82 Inmates of Abeokuta Prison, Ibara Abeokuta, on the 2nd June 2018


I give reference to the Almighty God, The beginning and the One that would never end, the Omnipotent, Omnipresent, The Alfa and Omega, The Creator of the Whole Universe, The Only one, The One that rules in PRALARG INT'L, He is the Founder, Baba 'Isale' of Pralarg Int'l and Only Him have the final say.

My names are Pralagian Akinwunmi Olayemi, am the Chief Executive Officer and Secretary of the Board of Trustees of Pralarg Int'l,


I welcome the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Pralarg Int'l in Nigeria, God chose him to be the chairman of the board of this great organization, We asked the Founder (God) for chairman of the Board, God give Pralarg Int'l a king with a good attitude, the one who would represent the Founder in all our activities, someone who would respect God's opinion and do unto others like he wants others to do to him, God gave us Oba Dr Jacob Omolade LAFA II, Olubara of Ibara, kabiyesi o.


The founder (God) also chooses other members of the board, Mrs Akinwale Folasade, Controller of Prisons, Mrs Arukwe F.U former Commandant Navy Secondary School, Mrs Lawal M.A, State Coordinator Legal Aid Council Ogun State, Alhaji Abdul-Kabir Oyegunle Bakare, Evangelist Gabriel Ajao Idowu and my humble self as Secretary of the board of Pralarg Int'l in Nigeria. I registered Pralarg Int'l as the chairman of the board with other three prominent people in the US as members of the board.


I welcome all the invited guests, our host the Controller General of Prisons duly represented by the Controller of Prisons Ogun State Command, The Deputy Controller of Prisons, The Chief Judge duty represented by Mrs. Sofowora in Ogun State, the entire staff of the Nigerian Prisons Service in Ogun State, The Awardees here present, all other paramilitary, members of the Nigerian Bar Association, Religious organization, all pralagians in Ogun State, Oyo State, Osun State, Ondo State and others from other states here present, the media here present, distinguished ladies and gentlement 

Prisons Rehabilitation and Law Abiding Organization Int'l (PRALARG INT'L) is a community based international organization which has been a leading peace movement, human rights advocacy, civic enlightenment and empowerment organization with our offices in all the Southwest states of Nigeria with members covering over fifteen states of Nigeria, United Kingdom and the United State of America. Pralagians are about 3000 in numbers now

Pralarg Int'l is registered in America as a non-profit making organization in New Jersey and our office would be inaugurated and opened for intervention in August 2018 in New Jersey, we pray that our registration would be expedient in Canada, United Kingdom and Australia before the end of 2020. Pralarg Int'l is a member of Global Legal Empowerment Network covering more than one hundred countries in the world, Pralarg Int'l in May became a member of the World Association of Non-governmental Organization, a member of World Alliance for Citizen Participation CIVICUS and Justice For All Campaign

I am a member of Amnesty International, our membership with the United Nations, Criminal Justice Association of America, Charity organization in America, Correctional Association of New York and a paralegal institution in New Jersey is already being solidified to give a required expositions to members of Pralarg Int'l in the group of the world NGOs,

Less I forget, I am one of the delegates to the 67th United Nations Department of Public Information (DPI) Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Conference  coming up on the 22nd and 23rd of August, 2018, in New York, we also have other partnerships at the national level in Nigeria, among them is Nigeria Network of Non-governmental organization.

We started in 2014, PRALARG INT'L is currently present and active in 4 states -Ogun State, Oyo State, Osun State, Ondo State and Lagos state office would be opened to public by next month with strong grassroots network, it is a stepwise progression as we have the aim of covering the whole Nigeria by 2020.

Pralarg Int'l has played a leading role in providing sustainable platforms for dialogue, deliberation and critical learning to enhance peaceful co-existence by encouraging formal and informal dispute resolution, human rights protection, empowerment, enlightenment to reduce litigation and eventual reduction of the influx of people to prisons, we collaborate with Nigeria prisons for rehabilitation and reintegration through our Pralarg Prisons Intervention Team so as to eliminate back-to-crime syndrome of ex-convicts going back to crime after discharge. We appreciate some of the divisions of police institution that refer issues to pralarg int'l for alternative dispute resolution and settlement to prevent conflicts for matters that are more civil in nature. 

Pralarg Int'l grassroots and community intervention has exposed us to the causes of influx of people into the prisons which include lack of knowledge about criminal justice, poor leadership and management, fear, intimidation and insufficient resources have been identified as the major causes of conflict amongst communities, mostly reasons for litigation in both civil and criminal matters. Pralarg Int'l is actively ensuring peaceful coexistence through enlightenment, empowerment, conciliation, mediation and communities participation in peace-building through paralegal training. We offer this training so as to ensure more community leaders, Market women and men, youth leaders, retired civil servants, artisans and all other stakeholders involved in the peace-building for peaceful coexistence among the citizen of Nigeria.

It is interesting to also inform you of several misunderstanding and misinterpretation that has happened in the cause of our duty with law enforcement agencies, legal practitioners, royal fathers, public servants and the general populace up till date, it is not an easy ride all through because none of the existing N. G. Os' has taken this approach in the criminal justice system of Nigeria. I wish our relationship is better understood to show we mean well for this country and the world at large.

I appreciate Pralarg Prisons Intervention Team, just like PCRC to Police institution, Pralarg Prisons Intervention Team is created to assist Prisons Service in their day-to-day activities so that the prisons institution can easily realize her primary objective, the obligation of rehabilitation and reintegration of inmates to bring peace to the society. Prisons inmates rehabilitation is our business. The group advocate for the empowerment of inmates leaving any prisons so as to eliminate back-to-crime syndrome of an ex-convict.  Presently, all inmates in any prisons spend their life earnings for litigation, most of them sell properties or other belonging in the cause of their cases in court, they face stigmatization after discharge, they found it difficult to survive after their short or long time behind bars  hence, reason they needed assistance from a group like Pralarg Int'l to survive.

The team have been working tirelessly especially in Oyo State whenever an inmate is about to be discharged, we visit the inmate's family for discussion, reconciliation and encouragement so that the family can accept the inmate back home with love. Presently, we are working on some accommodation for two inmates from the Ilaro prison to accommodate them when they are out. Our intervention is still been limited due to lack of a rehabilitation centre, we are soliciting for the sum of N500,000,000 for the construction of a befitting Half-way centre for that purpose. The half-way centres are expected to be cited in all of the six geopolitical zones in Nigeria.

Without proper and credible rehabilitation and monitoring after discharge of inmates, crime recycling would continue in Nigeria, unfortunately, the police and the Nigerian Prison would be seen as not doing enough in maintaining peace and security in Nigeria. Help them to survive and the society would be in peace.


We recognized all the awardees through our intervention, recommendation was made, we took the decision based on individual and personal input to the society, from the Chief Judge of Ogun State, she abides by the rule of law, she brought so many innovations to Ogun State Judiciary, she has zero tolerance for corruption, though there are lots to still do if we need a judiciary that we all dream to have, but my lordship has done beyond expectation. She champions prompt jail delivery across Ogun prisons command.

If you want to talk of a welfare officer that combine official work with passion and touch of humanitarianism, ASP Awesu Abdulhakeem fit in to that description, Slad is one of the personalities in Ogun State Television with the heart of gold for humanities that God used to launch pralarg int'l from our first step in Ogun State.  Petals FM Oyo State has been like flesh and blood for pralarg, Mr Dotun Fasaeyi the general manager of Petals 102.3 FM and Alagba Desoye Omotoso of Taloye of petals FM are like angels to both the society and pralarg int'l.

I personally do not believe any police officer can understand any other language than prosecution until I know of CSP Megbope, the fascinating thing about him is his perspective on matters and his humbleness. Chief Agbaakin of Iwo Land 1978 is a motivator, despite his condition, he is still a fighter of good cause, I love him because of his love for humanities and good initiative.   

You all deserved to be celebrated, whether I mention your name now or later,  based on what we used in the decision making, we may not add anything with the award we are presenting to you today, we pray, by the grace of God, come next year we should be able to sponsor our awardees on international trip fully sponsored by pralarg int'l as pralarg ambassador as part of motivation to do more in their respective chosen career.   You all know we are still growing at this stage. 

Lastly, I appreciate all the celebrants of today, the people that brought all of us here today, Pralarg Int'l solely sponsor today's vocational graduation just because we love you, I say congratulation to all of you, don't see yourselves as  inferior, you have accomplished something better today, I pray that you would use it for better cause in future, we are in the discussion with welfare department to create a store for us so as to keep your pieces of equipment and materials for you,  you would receive them as you leave prison for your greatness as you leave prisons one after the other.

Am also using these opportunity to seek for assistance for Pralarg Prisons Intervention Team to achieve this great mission of empowering our brothers and sisters here and the rest of them in various prisons in Nigeria and the world at large.

This organization would soon begin a mission to all prisons in the world to get a compiled data of Nigerians serving in all prisons in the world, It is our passion, it is our duty, it is our service to humanity and a service unto God,

Pralarg!!! Pralarg!!! Pralarg !!!

it is a Step in the Right Direction.

My names once again are Pralagian Akinwunmi Olayemi from Pralarg Int'l, thank you and God bless you all



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